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Founded in 2019, N.E.E.D.S. was started to provide a resource and service directly to the people of the community to promote, encourage, and improve Citizen and Community Emergency Preparedness and Resiliency.

Welcome To NorthEast Emergency, Disaster & Safety Associates

We are a local start-up of professionals working to improve Emergency Preparedness Planning at the personal, family, and community level. We feel; as research shows, the families and households are not, or do not work on Emergency Planning or Preparedness. We become your “personal Emergency Manager” to help Individuals and Family’s achieve a level of planning and preparedness that can bring you peace of mind that you and or your family have things covered in a Disaster.
We do this by offering Training, Education, Services, Products, and resources, enabling you to be better prepared and to make your plan.

The Community Emergency Management Guy

Residential Emergency Preparedness Planning Consulting Services

You can plan for disaster on your own. But it becomes tedious and daunting trying to sort through all the resources you can find online and in print. We can guide, mentor and coach you through that process almost effortlessly; learning what your individual needs, lifestyle, habits, and desires to help you develop a plan that fits you. We help you evaluate your risks & hazards and create a plan of action to prevent, minimize and recover from crisis.
Through the REPP Consulting, you get your own Disaster Planning Coach

~The Community EM Guy~

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Community Emergency Management
Education & Services

Emergency Care Training Center

Coaches CPR/AED/First Aid – NYSED Course

NYS Education Department requires CPR/AED and First Aid training to complete your Initial Coaches Certification for schools, and to renew every 2-3 years to keep within compliance of your health & Safety Training. Take a course approved by NYSED, or take the NYSED Course itself through NEEDS Associates. We are a NYSED Approved Training Provider for the NYSED Coaches CPR & First Aid Program.

Wilderness First Aid BASICS

An intensive 8- to 10-hour course for those who are involved in wilderness recreation. This course may also meet the needs of volunteers and professionals who lead groups on short trips in relatively low-risk situations

Wilderness First Responder

This course is an 80-hour course for wilderness professionals and others who want a higher level of training or require WFR certification. A wilderness first responder is trained to deal with many situations that may be encountered in the wilderness. This course focus on teaching the participant to assess a situation, assess a patient, improvise solutions using available resources to stabilize the patient and identify the best way to get the patient to definitive medical treatment. The curriculum is comprehensive and practical, including the essential principles and skills required to assess and manage medical problems, assess and monitor/trend patient vitals, package and transport a patent from isolated and extreme environments

Wilderness First Aid

This course is a 16 hour course for those who are involved in serious wilderness activities. This course is the choice of many wilderness trip leaders and guides. Wilderness environments create special situations not usually encountered in an urban or suburban environment.This comprehensive course meets the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid curriculum and guidelines

Emergency Medical Response

The ASHI Emergency Medical Response training program provides a detailed and comprehensive approach for managing out-of-hospital medical emergencies prior to the arrival of EMS. The program is designed to provide non-EMS responders more depth and exposure to standard first aid training topics to provide richer and more advanced training. It meets and exceeds workplace first aid training requirements and satisfies the desire to learn more than just basic first aid without the burden associated with EMS provider training and certification.  Emergency Medical Response provides comparable training to that of Emergency Medical Responder, the base-level training for EMS providers, although the program is not intended for training EMS providers or preparing students to be eligible for EMS provider testing and certification. 

Advanced First Aid

The ASHI Advanced First Aid course is designed for the person who needs or desires more first aid training than Basic First Aid, but not to the level of Emergency Medical Response. Perfect for corporate emergency response teams, this 17-21 hour Advanced First Aid certification course presents many of the most common illnesses and injuries responders are likely to encounter.

Basic Life Support

Students learn how to recognize a life-threatening emergency, how to provide basic life support and what to do in case of an airway obstruction or choking. ASHI’s Basic Life Support, BLS for Healthcare Providers and Professional Rescuers has been approved for training for Emergency Medical Services personnel and is accepted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).

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