Your “personal” Emergency Management Consultant helping you develop your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Look around on google and you will find that there are a TON of How-to’s and DIY guides to doing your Emergency Preparedness Planning all on your own, and to be “simple”, but does it really end up being simple?
~The CoEM Guy

To have a truly effective Emergency Preparedness Plan, there are a lot of things you will need & want to take into consideration; and tends to be A LOT more work, hassle, and stress that one wants to do on their own, much like why you send your taxes to a Tax Expert/Profession. Your taxes are an important part of life that needs to be done; having an actionable and familiar plan of action for an emergency/disaster is just as important, if not more important. 

So why not have a Professional / Expert help you with your Emergency Preparedness Planning?

Why have us do the work for you?

We will do the boring, monotonous, time consuming work for you

We will do what turns into mind numbing, stress-inducing, time consuming tasks of developing your Emergency Preparedness Planning for you, leaving you to the important aspects of planning; Learning and employing it!

Want to learn more?

What is in your PFEPP Service?

1-to-1 time with your EPP Consultant

Access to Communications with your EPP Consultant through
– Mobile/Text
– E-mail
– and Social Media

Guidance & Coaching through the process of developing your EPP

Confidence and familiarity with your EPP and Disaster Kit; to be better able to put your plans into place, and utilize your kit and training.

Starting at $800.00

When you complete your PFEPP Service, you leave with:

Complete EPP Binder (Print and Digital) containing:Warnings & Notification Plan

Family Communications Plan

Sheltering Plan

Evacuation Plan

Basic Home Disaster Kit (see Kit Contents)

CPR and Basic First Aid (for 2 people)

EPP BinderHome Disaster Kit Contents
– Warnings & Notification Plan
– Family Communications Plan
— Individual Copies for Kits, Work, School, Kids Backpact, etc
– Sheltering Plan
– Evacuation Plan
– Sealable Kit Container
– Shelter
— Tarp
— Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting
— Duct Tape
— Sharpie (3pk)
– Water
— 5 gal water Container
– Food
— 4 day supply for 2 people
– Personal Protection / Sanitation
— Dust Mask
— Nitrile Gloves
— Bleach
— Flushable Wet Wipes
— Contractor Bags
– First Aid Kit
– Light
— Mini Handheld Flash Lights
— Head Lamps
— Wireless Switch Light
— Light Sticks (battery or Cylum)
— Extra AA Batteries
— Lg Flashlight
— Extra 6v Batteries for Lg Flashlight
— Sm Work/Flood Light (Rechargeable)
– Communication / Information
— FM Radio (Rechargeable / Crank)
— Walkie-Talkie (2pk)
– Important Documents Cache
— Rugged / Waterproof Box
— USB Flash Drive
– Wrench for Utilities Management

Get Started

$150.00 Initial Consultation

Take the first step and schedule your initial consultation meeting with NEEDS Associates and fill out the Initial Assessment.

Whats Included in this?

  • 60 minute meeting with your PFEPP Consultant
    • PLUS 2 hours work time prior to your meeting to prepare the following:
      (3 hours total)
  • Basic & General Family Communications Plan
  • General Evacuation Plan
  • Program Blueprint outlining what your service will cover to bring you and/or your family to optimal preparedness

At this meeting you will also be able to discuss electing in the Full PFEPP Consult Program, starting at $800.00*

Should you decide not to continue to the Full Service, you leave with the plans presented, the program blueprint, and a list of basic items recommended for a Home Disaster Kit

* Make a Full Commitment to the PFEPP Consultant Service right now, and save $100!
Full Commitment Option requires full contract to be paid at Scheduling of your Initial Meeting.
To take advantage of this option, use the button below to schedule your meeting and make payment