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Do You Even Plan?

Do You Even Plan?

It’s been asked before, and it’ll be asked again, that’s one thing you can be sure of. 

“What do I need to do to be prepared for disaster?”

Is there somewhere I can find a step-by-step guide to what I need; in order to be prepared? There might be, sure! But… is that the right guide for you? Is that guide that Wild Bill Hickok wrote to being prepared the same things that you; specifically you, need in order to be prepared? Is there a “standard” how-to, process, or guide to being prepared? Oh, I’m sure there is! But… is it for you?

Want to know a secret? Well… it’s really more of my honest professional and personal view. 

Ready for it?

You can’t follow a guide to be prepared. You can’t walk through and complete a “standard/common” checklist of tasks with a half-ass effort, and then say you are prepared for disaster. You know why? Because only you; and your family, know what you need in order to be prepared for disaster. Only you alone, with serious thought, can complete your plan. As a Community Emergency & Disaster Management Specialist, I don’t write plans for people.

So… what do I do? I am your Sherpa if you will…

a disaster sherpa named “the Community EM Guy”. A Sherpa guides his climber, he encourages them, and supports them, to reach the summit. Just like a Sherpa doesn’t climb the mountain for the climber, I challenge you, encourage you, motivate you, and support you in your goal of being prepared for Disaster. Based on my training, education, and experiences, I have the insight to challenge you with questions and realistic hypotheticals to help you figure out a plan that is a custom fit for you. I also happen to be able to provide training and education that bolsters and embodies your Planning and Preparedness efforts. 
But… What separates me from other Emergency Management Professionals? Not only do I know, I BELIEVE in the fact that EVERYONE has different needs in their Emergency & Disaster Planning. This is also why I believe so many people find the thought of making a plan and being prepared so overwhelming, and dreadful… because there is no clear and “standard” how-to. That is why NorthEast Emergency, Disaster & Safety Associates can help you with your needs, and how the Community EM Guy is your “Sherpa”.

So, I end this with a challenge to you.
Do you know what your n.e.e.d.s. are to plan and prepare for disaster? Let us talk and see if you do…

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