It’s April 6, 2022

It’s 12 months after finally seeing the peak of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic in the United States, with the pandemic raging on for more than a year. Watching the decline of new cases of the virus, the country began its recovery and return to normalcy; whatever normalcy may now be.
We have resumed physical social interaction without widespread fear, we have returned to work, we have returned to school, we have returned to our routine everyday lives. We have, or are finishing catching up on paying off financial hardship during the pandemic, we have built our sick and vacation days back up at work, and we’re slated to finally finishing our degree to enter the “real world” of life as a working professional. All sounds about right in the light of normalcy, right? Sure, why not?
Let me ask you this; did the experience of suffering through the Pandemic teach you anything? Have you taken to making sure you, and your family are equipped and better prepared for the next crisis? Or has the next crisis already happened?

The younger generation of Americans today largely lack the experience or the memory of a time where individuals and families; as well as small communities, were more self sufficient and prepared. In an age of electronics and convenience, many have become accustomed to near effortless acquisition of daily needs. From 24-hour access to goods at Walmart, and food from McDonalds, to GrubHub and Uber Eats delivering favorites previously unavailable by delivery, to delivery of Amazon orders 7 days a week, Next Day; and in some areas, same day delivery. Society has; without being taken as an insult, become lazy.
Seldom do we see gardens that put veggies and fruit on the dinner table. Dwindling are the numbers of hunters who take pride in the craft of putting game meat on the dinner table, or raising a cow or pig for meat or dairy on the dinner table. Too likely is it that one my struggle with how to procure and filter drinkable water when needed. Too absorbed people may be in technology; video games, social media or other virtual entertainment. Troubles brews if barriers occur to technology access in a crisis.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is, or will (hopefully) wake the current generation of Americans to the alarms of being prepared for Emergencies & Disasters. While our mission is not born out of this crisis, it does bring our mission to the forefront of attention; at-least it should be.

Did you become distraught during the Pandemic because you felt you had to scramble for daily necessities, or lost income because you were not able to work. Did you, or are you stressing about being able to provide for yourself and/or your family if the Pandemic burns on another few months? Do you feel underprepared if prepared at all?

The Community Emergency Preparedness Planning blog is the blogging face of NEEDS Associates with two regular authors; The CoEM Guy and Will the Safety Guy. We will also be working to have guest writers from time to time on special subjects.

We will delve into the many aspects of being better prepared for the future. Follow along, and let’s be ready for the next Emergency or disaster; disaster WILL strike again.

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