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As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues here in the United States, the more we should be realizing that we need to hunker down and observe the social distancing to try and level the curve. As we settle down into our new routines at home; some of us are trying to figure out working from home while others are unfortunately unable to work while those deemed “essential” continue the daily grind.
Amid all of this, we find that our choice of leisure activities are limited if we are to indeed socially distance and try to stop this Pandemic; one thing that people likely find time to do is read. Finished your books? That’s probably why you’ve landed here, on the internet.

While I try to maintain regular content; I am also taking another approach with a new Q & A blog path. Introducing the “CoEM Q & A” column; or in long verse, the Community Emergency Management Question & Answer column.

We will be providing short form content to promote interaction between you as a reader and the CoEM Guy and NEEDS Associates. With the ability to sign into needsassociates.org with Facebook, it’s easier to provide feedback and interaction.
We welcome all questions and queries you may have into the vast subjects of Emergency & Disaster training and preparedness. We look forward to your interaction!

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