Let’s get honest about First Aid training.

Shall it be safe to say that most of us have had First Aid and also CPR training at one point or another in our lives?

Whether it being for a job, volunteer or civic opportunity, or just because we felt some kind of responsibility; we have all taken First Aid in some fashion, most likely a “Basic First Aid” course that ranged from 2.5 to 4 hours.

Let’s be honest, in those classes you probably watched videos or listened to the Instructor more than you practiced any real amount of skills in First Aid. As an Instructor, I know exactly how much skills practice is written into a Basic First Aid course… about 45-60 minutes at most. To think that there are lines of work that feel that that is an acceptable amount of training to have in order to work.

To be honest, having Basic First Aid is a good start; as it’s in Introduction to First Aid Principles; that’s it. To be able to have any amount of Cognitive and/or Didactic entry level mastery of First Aid skills, you need to spend more time in a course.

Ah! And there it is, you’ll have to spend more time in a training course. I get it; it’s tough having a personal & social life outside of a working life; you have enough to worry about in doing your own job, to think that you need to spend more time in a class for something that “won’t happen to you”? Instead of asking “can you fit the time into your busy schedule?”, you may want to be asking “can I afford NOT to have this training when the time comes?”

Again, Basic First Aid is an excellent start, but you will want to consider building upon the foundations of First Aid Care.

NEEDS Associates offers a number of “continuing education” courses in First Aid. The Training Center provides training from the 4 hour Basic First Aid course to the 55 hour Comprehensive First Aid. In addition, we also provide an 80+ hour Wilderness First Responder Course. Contact the training team at training@needsassociates.org

*** Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Executive Orders issues by New York, we currently are unable to provide training at the present time. You may however, still contact NEEDS Associates to discuss your training needs and start to plan for a class to be held once small businesses are able to operate again in NY.

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