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New Personal & Family Emergency Preparedness Planning (PFEPP) Consulting Service

New Personal & Family Emergency Preparedness Planning (PFEPP) Consulting Service

With our new Personal & Family Emergency Preparedness Planning (PFEPP) Consultant Service; it’s bound to be asked… why would I pay to have someone help me with my, or my family’s Preparedness Planning?

Why do you pay a Personal Trainer or Health Coach?

You may have the basic concept of reaching your fitness or health goals, but you can save yourself a lot of frustration and stress by letting an expert help you, and ensure you cover everything you need in order to reach your goal. 

As your PFEPP Consultant, we are your “Emergency Preparedness Coach”, in which we guide you through the entire process, ensuring you have a complete plan and course of action.

We will sit down with you in a Discovery Meeting and learn all we can about you, and what your personal needs and goals are, and work with you on your own program to create, develop, and implement a comprehensive Emergency Plan.

While all Emergency Plans and Preparedness Initiatives have common traits, each person/family’s plan will be different.

When you complete the PFEPP Consult Service, you will not have a cookie-cutter plan; but will have an Emergency Plan and it’s associated preparedness that is specific to your needs and lifestyle.

We make sure you have what you need in a plan and preparedness without the stress and fear that you missed something.

The Personal & Family Emergency Preparedness Consulting Service will be offered starting Jan 2020

Follow us at NEEDS Associates to stay up to date and know when you can start requesting your consult.

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