Disaster Preparedness Basics Workshop

Disaster Preparedness Basics Workshop

Are you prepared for a disaster? How prepared are you? Do you have a kit? Do you have a plan? How and who do you communicate with during a disaster? Who can you count on? Who counts on you?!?!?! 

NEEDS Associates will be holding one of many Preparedness Workshops on January 18th, 2020 in the ThINCubator at 326 Broad St, in Utica NY.

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Being prepared on a shoestring budget
  • Communications with your friends & family during a disaster, and knowing where everyone is
  • Figuring out and looking at who you can count on in a disaster, and who counts on you
  • What to think about and consider when sheltering in place at home
  • Some pointers on protecting your valuables, Including the opportunity to bring in all/some of your Important documents to make digital copies and place them on a USB memory stick (which will be provided) for immediate protection and back-up.


Jan 18th, 2020


326 Broad St
Utica, NY

Why come to the workshop?

Disasters; large or small and regardless of its form, can and will disrupt the normalcy of our everyday lives at that moment and cause chaos. Within that chaos, you will likely need to make important and critical decisions on a seconds’ notice. Just like with any test or game, you study & practice for success and we must do the same for disasters. Having a disaster plan, and practicing key parts of that plan helps ensure a less stressful, less chaotic and more fluid approach to responding to and recovering from a disaster. 

However, many people, regardless of their demographic, fail to have a plan in place, let alone practice their plan. The unfortunate result of that is the total loss of property, possessions, and livelihood during a disaster and extreme hardship in recovering. 

Attending this workshop is an opportunity for you to examine your own situation, and start the process of putting a plan into place, and taking some very basic steps towards a more prepared and capable position in life.  Leaving this workshop, you’ll be able to put together a basic disaster kit from what you can find at home, be able to put in place a simple communication plan, and have a better understanding of how to safely shelter in place at home in a disaster. In addition, you will also have a better understanding of who to count on in a disaster, and how to protect your valuables in the event of a disaster.

This workshop is open to Individuals for $45 and Families/Households for $70 (up to 4 people).

Basic Residential Emergency Kits will also be available for purchase with your workshop ticket. Purchased Kits will be distributed at the workshop. 

Registration Form


Participant Options

Emergency Kit Options

Optional Purchases
Basic Emergency Kits

You can elect to purchase an Emergency Kit for yourself and/or your family along with paying for your Workshop Registration. The Kits will be distributed at the time of the Workshop.

The Disaster Kits come in the options of 1-person kit to a 4-person kit.


This Basic Backpack Emergency Preparedness Kit is designed to provide 1 person with essential emergency supplies for 3 days (72 hours). That’s how long FEMA estimates you may be without basic services or how long it can take emergency first responders to reach you in the event of a disaster. This disaster kit is most suitable for those who believe they will need to leave their home in the event of a disaster. This Basic Emergency Preparedness Kit contains only essential emergency supplies and other items should be added to this kit in order to make it compliant with FEMA’s Guidelines. 

Supplies in this Grab-n-Go emergency kit are stored inside a red nylon backpack with 5 compartments. This backpack emergency kit features high-quality emergency food and water, first-aid kit, and a hand-squeeze LED flashlight (no batteries required). The food and water in this emergency kit has a 5 year shelf life, contains nuts and is safe for vegetarians.

This all-purpose backpack emergency kit is suitable for use in emergency situations including earthquakes, tornadoes, winter storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, landslides, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and extreme heat and cold.

HomePack Emergency Kits


This Home Pack Emergency Preparedness Kit is designed to provide 1 person with 3 days (72 hours) of emergency survival supplies that meet the guidelines established by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security.  This high-quality reliable kit is designed by professionals who know what items a survival kit needs to keep you and your family safe…

KEEP READING to see what sets the Home Pack apart from the rest…

Organizing and Transporting Supplies

Being able to locate your supplies quickly and transporting them safely is critical.  All of the survival supplies in the Home Pack come packed and organized in the best-in-class rugged EP-FLEX3 Emergency Backpack.  This backpack is the centerpiece of the Home Pack Emergency Kit and allows you to comfortably wear or carry your supplies and go.  This spacious backpack has a place to store everything including extra room for personal items.  This adjustable backpack features 8 zippered compartments, a dedicated document compartment, an attached key ring with carabiner for extra keys, numerous elastic straps for securing items, a rubber bottom, and a main compartment with zippered door that fully opens allowing quick and easy access to supplies.  The EP-FLEX3 backpack is designed from the ground up for emergency preparedness use and should not be compared to kits using off-the-shelf school backpacks to store supplies. This rugged backpack is made of 600D PVC which is stronger and more water resistant than Nylon and measures 16″W x 18″H x 10″D.

Emergency Food and Water

This kit contains a Mainstay Emergency Food Ration and water pouches that have a shelf life of 5 years.  The Mainstay Food Ration has a non-thirst provoking vitamin enriched formula with a pleasant lemon flavor.  It contains 2,400 calories and is segmented into 6 sections (2 sections per day).  It’s safe for both vegetarians and those allergic to nuts.  These rations are designed to hold up in temperature extremes of between -40 and 300 degrees F. See picture for nutritional information.

In addition, this kit comes with water purification tablets that allows you to purify 10 additional quarts of water.  


This kit comes with the amazing EP-EMR1000 Emergency Radio.  This multi-function radio has a high-capacity internal 1,000 mAh Lithium battery that can be charged using the built-in hand crank or solar panel.   The radio receives the NOAA emergency band (FEMA recommended) plus FM and AM.  In addition, it has a bright LED flashlight and a mobile phone charger.  Important Note:  Having a Lithium battery is critical when storing your radio for extended periods of time.  Unlike devices with Nickel Metal batteries, a Lithium battery in the EP-EMR1000 will survive for much longer storage periods. See image for feature call outs.

Treating Injuries

In an emergency or disaster situation, injuries can be more severe that small cuts and abrasions which are what typical first aid kits are designed to treat.  The Home Pack Emergency Kit comes with a Compact Trauma Kit that contains 100 pieces.  The items in this trauma kit go beyond a typical first aid kit. In addition to band aids, this trauma kit contains items including, gauze rolls, gauze pads, a trauma pad, a triangular sling, knuckle bandages, fingertip bandages, topical creams, a thermometer, and much more.  All items are stored in a zippered pouch that attaches with Velcro to the inside of the backpack.  See content list below for complete details.

Much Much More…

The Home Pack Kit also contains items to help in survival situations including items for:  sanitation, hygiene, shelter, warmth, emergency planning, along with some useful tools. See content list below for a complete list of items and quantities. 

Also…consider adding these recommended items to your Home Pack Emergency Kit:

Removable Pouch – The FLEX3 Emergency Backpack accommodates 2 removable pouches that attach to in the inside of the backpack with Velcro.  This option provides you with a second empty pouch (The first is used with the Compact Trauma Kit). 

Waterproof Rain Cover – This 100% Waterproof Rain Cover protects your backpack and it’s supplies in rain, storms, and hurricanes.  It also features highly visible “EMERGENCY” printing on the front.  An essential accessory to protect your emergency supplies in wet and stormy climates. 

“BABY EMERGENCY KIT” Duffel Bag – The emergency preparedness needs of an infants or baby is different and unique. Their needs can change from month to month which is why parents need to build a kit and maintain it based on their baby’s specific needs.  This Duffel Bag is perfect for storing their supplies.

Puravai Emergency Water – You can never have too much emergency drinking water, especially in warm and dry climates.  Consider adding a 6 pack of Puravai Emergency Drinking water to your set of emergency supplies.  The water comes in a reusable canteen and has a 20-year shelf life.

USB 16GB Memorystick with FEMA Document Library – This waterproof memorystick is rugged and designed to attach to the backpack.  Perfect for adding important documents.  For no additional charge, the memorystick comes pre-loaded with almost 250 FEMA planning and informational documents.

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