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Halloween Floods #1

Halloween Floods #1

Halloween this year was… OK. I went trick-or-treating dressed up as Mr. Incredible along with my family dressed their part including my 2 kids; all down to the added clear and see-through rain Poncho’s. No, it did not snow on Halloween this year, but neither was it just cold and dry, It was indeed rather unseasonably warm here in Central NY and raining. Having said that, and based on the past weekend’s events following Halloween; it was very rainy.

Many Counties in Northern and Central NY declared emergencies late Halloween night, and into the weekend; Oneida and Herkimer Counties having suffered some of the worst of damages. Damage ranged from a number of roads not only being flooded and covered in water; but also washed out, as well as sinkholes showing up in Apartment Building parking lots, a house floating away, to some farm buildings along with cattle being washed away in the flooding; many homes flooded, and at least one fatality in this flood event when an elderly Priest was presumed to have been caused in a torrent of floodwater on the roadway and swept away.

The aftermath? About what you would expect in a flood event, Chaos. Recovery? Roads have or are being repaired, sink-holes filled in, and people cleaning and repairing damage from the chaos in their homes or waiting for estimators and insurance to authorize reimbursements for their recovery. In addition to all of this, I have seen what has become a new normal phase of evaluating loss and starting recovery, those who have suffered wanting to hold somebody accountable; and that usually comes in the form of them expressing frustrations and discontent with governmental bodies for not doing enough to aid in recovery, or to prevent the crisis from happening in the first place. 

So, what does The CoEM Guy have to say about the recent flood? Stay tuned for the Halloween Flood Mini-Series here on REAL TALK with the CoEM Guy! We will update with additions to this series in the coming weeks, talking with other field experts, talking with those who suffered loss through the floods, “editorial” types based on other media coverage, and what we hope is informative information, education, and insights to the Halloween Flood, and Floods in general. 

I sign off on this first piece of this special with a question for you to ponder. Are you ready to deal with the ramifications of a flood event in your community and home? Are you able to Prevent, Respond, Mitigate, and Recover within your own means? 

Until next time… This is REAL TALK with the CoEM Guy!

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