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Should we be changing our behavior

Should we be changing our behavior

Let’s agree on something right here; we need to change our behaviors. Our behavior towards Emergency Planning or Preparedness; to get through disasters regardless of its origin.

Can’t agree just yet?

The United States now finds itself; along with the world, in a Pandemic. It may very well go down in the history books as the Novella Pandemic, the COVID-19 Virus.

Grocery Store shelves sit empty or sparsely stocked on a daily basis, online retailers are selling out of daily necessities; all due to last minute dashes and “Panic Buying” to be stocked. Another attribute is also due to the less scrupulous and less morally bound “entrepreneurs” attempting to price gouge, as the Kentucky Brother’s were found to be doing with their hoard of nearly 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizers.

Is that being prepared for this pandemic, and the 2-week (potentially longer) quarantine that is now being ordered? No. Unfortunately, the time to become prepared for a disaster; namely the Novella Pandemic, has since passed. People are simply reacting to the situation.

There is a difference between reacting and responding. “Reacting” is a snap action that is neither planned, practiced, or considered with forethought to a stimuli. “Responding” is a planned action; having been practiced and refined, to a stimuli. “Responding” to a situation would mean that you have PREPARED. The actions of “panic buying”, hoarding, and scrambling to make sure you have the basic necessities on hand at home; in addition to ensuring you have enough paper to wipe that dirty bum. All in all, not enough people are prepared.

So to answer the question at hand; Yes, we do need to change our behaviors. No longer is it a matter of “IF”, it’s a matter of “WHEN”. And where are in a “WHEN” right now, with the mass being largely unprepared and unfortunately not understanding what we as individuals need to do in a Pandemic.

You’re not prepared for this, so what do you do now? You simply continue to react to the fluidity of the circumstance and hope you can stay on top of it. Try to grab an extra thing here and there if you can. But largely, that is the most you’re going to be able to do.

There are some things you can do to start being better prepared for the next disaster; when the current crisis finally subsides, because disaster will indeed strike again but not necessarily as a viral pandemic.

So what are these things you can do?


Paying attention will be the single best thing you can do. Pay attention to your activities and how you’ve adjusted them during this disaster. Pay attention to what your eating, and how your adjusting to try and keep up with the situation and not get shorted. Pay attention to what you’re drinking, how you’re drinking it, how much and how you store & procure it. Pay attention to what you spend your money on. What do you find yourself buying more of? What “missed” or missing items do you find yourself replacing during this time? Pay attention to your behaviors, as your behaviors will tell you what you need to create a plan for.

2 – If you already have plans, start thinking about what you need to change and improve. If you DON’T have Emergency Planning done, start thinking about it now. It won’t really do you any good, but your current experience and unfortunate downfalls and Inconvenience will help you in your planning process.

How does the planning process work? That’s for another time, but that’s what we are here for. That’s part of our mission at NEEDS Associates, to help you and the community create, develop and implement Emergency Preparedness Planning.

In ending, think about what you truly need, in order to get through this pandemic; especially through the now ordered Quarantine periods of 14 days or more. We would love to see comments and questions from readers, so send them our way through social media, or email us at contact@needsassociates.org.

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