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Should we do better to understand Emergency Management?

Should we do better to understand Emergency Management?

How much do you understand about Emergency Management and Response to Disasters and Crisis? The COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly brought to light many issues by the media and on social media. It’s not all as simple as one may believe it to be. No one really thinks about it, because much of that work is “behind the scenes” or is a joint effort amongst a number of entities.

“As Americans, we keep looking to the President to micromanage our situation. That’s really not how our system works; It never has and it never will. Every city has different needs, every city has different preferences, different problems; and Governor’s & Mayors are really running this show. I think it would behoove the Americans to understand that a little more and to look to their local officials for “how many ventilators are coming in? Where are the PPE’s?” We keep looking to the President to do that and thats really not how this works; the Federal Government is there to support our local governments”

~Texas Senator Dan Crenshaw during an interview on the Presidents response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This is no means a political post, nor are any of them from the Community Emergency Management Guy (CoEM Guy Blog); but that is a Politician who see’s the same dilemma that I see… people should; and need, to take some time to learn and understand the process better. 

It’s not the responsibility of the Federal Government to provide for those who are affected in a disaster. That responsibility actually lies at the feet of local governments to have plans for prevention, mitigation, response and recovery. The State responds to large scale disasters and to aid local governments should they need. The Federal Government (and FEMA) in fact has no mandated responsibility to respond to or assist in a disaster UNLESS, a state requests assistance because an incident exceeds the capabilities of their plans and resources. The Federal Government is only there to “provide support to local governments”. 

A bit much to take in? It can be. Understanding the process is part of another responsibility that lays at your feet… making sure you’re prepared with a plan and resources to see yourself (and your family) through a disaster or emergency.  Take the time to be prepared, and make learning an understanding the process and roles of governments as a part of that journey.

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