It’s been an interesting last 45 days, and the next 30 will be no different, as Cuomo just extended the New York on Pause. Small businesses are feeling it in many ways as well as employees; non-essential workers unable to work, and the essential workforce still working the grind while potentially at risk. 

I feel now is a time that we must hold each other accountable to #stayback6feet and/or engage in #iwearmymask, to better isolate this nasty bug and do our part to return to normalcy, whatever that may be. 


I can’t count how many times I’ve had to reposition myself; or ask one to mind the social distance; when I was at the store to grab things that are needed or outside my apartment getting fresh air. While we’re in upstate NY, or out in the rural areas of the country, we still need to practice the social distancing to prevent more hotspots and spread of the virus.


There are cases where social distancing is at an unavoidable “violation” of practice; so what do we do? Wear your mask. For the time being, it’s probably best to wear a mask when ever possible outside the home; until there is a better grasp on not containment, but prevention of further unintentional, or arrogant, spread. 

Did I really just say that?

Yes, I did. One thing I will do from time to time, is call out problems and the instance at hand is the arrogance of those who say they can’t or won’t spread COVID-19 because they haven’t been exposed to it. The biggest problem with that at the moment, is there is a significant time period of an asymptomatic infective period; plainly put, someone can be infecting others before they show symptoms. This is singularly the biggest reason we need to practice; as well as hold accountable others; to practice social distancing and to wear a mask. While it may be contrary to social norm… I feel that in today’s environment, I think it is more than appropriate to call others out in public; in a civil manner that is. 

We’re all being affected!

As I mentioned before, all small businesses are feeling the strains in one form or another, just as we as individuals and families are for many different reasons. All of this is on our minds here at NEEDS Associates, but so is a particular source of community assists an end; our local Food-Banks. Food-Banks, Food Pantries can be a crucial resource for those who are struggling to make things work and to feed themselves & their family. In this time of crisis, they are surely being hit up for their sustenance resources and surely starting to run a little low. 

NEEDS Associates is currently developing its Neighbors Assisting Neighbors Coalition (NANC) Program to provide education, training and a network to be better prepared for emergencies & disasters of all shapes and forms. 

In an effort to raise funds to provide a number of initial classes for free or minimal costs; as well as raise funds to donate money to local Food-Banks in this crisis, we’re launching a t-shirt campaign. 

NEEDS Associates will be doing a pre-order for our #stayback6feet t-shirt. 

The t-shirts will be screen-printed on a 50/50 cotton & polyester blend t-shirt available in sizes S-6XL. 


  • $2 to the Neighbors Assisting Neighbors Coalition Program by NEEDS Associates
  • $2 donated to Local Food-Bank / Food Pantry
  • To keep with Social Distancing, All order will be shipped regardless of destination; even if local. Shipping is free

Orders will be taken until May 15th

Our goal is to reach 500 shirts which would provide TWO $500.00 Donations to two local Food-Banks! Help us reach this goal by sharing this message with your friends and family


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