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Is It Time To Have That Talk…

Is It Time To Have That Talk…

about your Emergency Preparedness?

Is it time to have that talk?
When is it time to talk about preparedness, or being ready to react/respond to an emergency, disaster, or crisis?
Is it after it happens?
Is it next year?
Is it next week?
Is it tomorrow?
Is it today?
Is it now?
The time is now. Actually…
it was when you got the keys to your apartment,
it was when you got that new job,
It was when you got the new (to you) car,
it was when they moved in with you,
it was when you found out you were pregnant,
it was when your child was born,
it was when you bought that house,
it was when you got married,
it was when you got prescribed a medication you need to take every day,
It was when you lost that job,
it was when you thought about the fact that you might want to put things in order for your life.
Disaster strikes everyone; it strikes everyone differently, and usually when we DON’T want it to, when we’re not ready for it. We want to tell Disaster to wait or to pick someone else. But that’s not how it works. Let’s not fool ourselves… we’re never ready for disaster,
but we sure can be prepared and have an actionable plan.
The time to talk about being prepared is now! Have that conversation;
with your partner,
Your room-mate,
Your wife/husband,
Your friends,
Your neighbor,
Your co-workers,
Your children,
With yourself.
Are you prepared for Disaster? Have that conversation now.
Life is hectic enough. Planning for Chaos shouldn’t be. It is easy to become overwhelmed or even inundated with the amount of information and resources that are available on the internet and print, on how to be prepared and create a disaster & emergency plans. Starting in January 2020, NEEDS Associates will be offering a new program; the Personal & Family Preparedness Planning service. Through this program; not only will we provide you with the materials and information that is up to date and specific to you, we will provide 1-to-1 coaching and guidance to you through the process:
-To identify hazards and threats
-To assess your risks
-To evaluate your capabilities
-To Identify the gaps and deficiencies in your preparedness
-Create an actionable plan to help you reach your ideal preparedness level
-And to provide a plan of practice and improvement of your plans over time
The program will be administered 1-to-1 in-person meetings, digital communications, and self-guided assessment and assignments. Not only is the goal of this program to ensure people have a Preparedness Plan written, but to encourage clients to follow through to implement, practice, and update their plans.
If you are interested in learning more about this program, or to follow the updates on it, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our website!

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